See how our trailers work out in the field.

We believe that seeing a product in action is the best way to determine if it is right for the job.
We invite you to watch the videos below to see how our trailers can make your job easier so you can complete it more efficiently and move on to the next load.

The first video showcases TYCROP's Leakguard Liner option for their SmoothFlow Walking Floor: Developed for organics and wet or environmentally sensitive materials, the LeakGuard Liner keeps liquids inside the trailer until unloaded.

The second video is a quick walk-around of one of our TYCROP SmoothFlow Walking Floor trailers. This tri-axle SmoothFlow features a manual ground crank tarp installed by Trison Tarps Inc. for our customer Larfarge Cement in Bath, ON. Our friends at Trison Tarps Inc. were also the ones who took the video with their drone, which we think is pretty cool! 


These two videos demonstrate the operation of TYCROP's SmoothFlow Walking Floor Flip Tarp and SmoothFlow Substrate Delivery System.


Here's two more goodies from TYCROP: operation of the TYCROP Avalanche Chip Trailer and TYCROP BigBox End Dump Trailers in action.


These last two are worth a watch if you want to know more about how KEITH's Walking Floor works and how the IMCO Belt Trailer unloads.